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Think bigger

360 degree BE Carrot Rewards, a mobile app that spruiked its use of behavioural economics (BE) to engage 1.1 million users, filed for bankruptcy this year after failing to find an investor. Which got me thinking: are businesses embedding BE in product design but overlooking its use to influence those who pay the bills? BE … Continue reading Think bigger

Don’t tell me what to do (if you want me to do it)

Do you ever have the urge to do the opposite of what is being suggested, even when it’s against your self-interest? You might be experiencing reactance; our tendency to bristle against attempts to constrain our freedom. Reactance means we have to be very careful when influencing others, whether that means customers, the public or even our … Continue reading Don’t tell me what to do (if you want me to do it)

Bending time to advantage

Sometimes we underestimate our adaptability. We think we’re locked into our habits and it takes a Herculean effort to change our behaviour. And to a degree that’s true. Habits can be difficult to break and buggers to make (which is why I wrote a book called The How of Habits). But many of us are going … Continue reading Bending time to advantage

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