99% won’t.

99% of people will never use behavioural economics. 

That’s ok. I am writing for the 1%. Those who are frustrated with the status quo; who are looking to be better; who know they are missing something but just haven’t put their finger on what.

I’m writing for the people who were like me 10 years ago. I was in a corporate job and feeling like life was harder than it needed to be.  Days were wasted in circular meetings, research didn’t provide usable answers, customers said one thing and did another, revenue was plummeting. I knew I was missing something. That we were missing something.

Then I read about behavioural economics. Then I started using it. Then I started helping others use it.

The only urgency is what you are missing every single day

The world won’t stop spinning if you don’t use behavioural economics. A bit like ageing, it will only be when you look back at a time when you didn’t have these skills that you’ll realise how much time you’ve wasted on the wrong things.

There’s no real urgency here. Of course you can wait until another day when you are, you know, less busy, more ready, have the perfect project, the perfect time…

All you are really missing is how to better work with and through other people.

How important is that to you?

Working with and through others in a better way. Every. Single. Day.

Your meetings, phone calls, projects, proposals, emails. Most of us send and receive around 130 emails a day by the way. Imagine if those emails got the desired response every time? If they advanced your work rather than bogged you down?

So here’s my hope. If you are part of the 1% who is aware enough to know you are missing something, and that that something is important, please, stop just reading and start doing. I’ll help you. Starting with this.

I’ve designed a free resource for you to identify where to focus your attention. It will give you immediate tips on what to do and how to get support.

Go on. Start. Complete your free behavioural audit.

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